PARX Is a South East Michigan/Midwest born company that brings the means to snowboard, ski, and sled to your location summer or winter.

The Owner

Owner of ParxPARX is ran by Jonathan Tollefson who graduated college with a bachelor degree in Composite Material Engineering, a.k.a Mechanical Engineering with a composite background.  He has been a Structural Engineer, a Project Engineer, and a Quality Manager.  With all that said, there really has only been one thing on his mind since before he graduated.  He believes everyone should be able to snowboard year round in the Midwest.  He has been trying to bridge the gap between winter and summer for years,  so he created what you now know as PARX.

As Parx ages, you will see a variety of ideas, an influx of mishaps, and a ton of passion towards the Action Sports industry.  We look to support our local scene, bring new people into the sports we love the most, and we will to have a great time doing it.

Along with building, designing and entertaining, we will also keep you updated on different parks we visit throughout the years.  With the huge up coming of winch parks and  cable parks you are sure to see just as much water talk as snow talk.

Live Free or Die