Remember Alpine with Drew and Miller

March 30, 2012 By

snowboard alpine valley ski areaIf you had the chance to get out on the snow this year you know there are always a few days that you are going to remember.  Maybe you only got out a few days.  That is alright, I hope you remember all of them.  The next story is about a day Drew, Miller and I met up to hit the slopes at Alpine Valley.  It was a easy snowboarding day to remember.  Even easier to remember because we happen to get a little video footage of the day.

Alpine Valley – White Lake, MI

On this particular day we met up for a night snowboard session.  We took advantage of every hour of it.  We raced down the hill as the sun set, and we jammed the park while the moon was over head.  We only had a few sessions where something like this happened last season.  Kind of a bummer really.  I wish we could have more.   Enjoy a short video from our night of shredding.

The video might not show it, but we slayed it.  We took to Alpine Valley and basically hit everything on the hill.  From their smallest park to their biggest park, from their steepest run to the easiest green, we hit it all.

Isn’t that what snowboarding is about?  To me it is about getting out and riding with your friends.  It is about having a cold one at the car.  It is about getting off my butt and doing something good that my body likes and that I like.  It is about pushing the limits no matter what your skill level is on a board.

I can’t wait for the the snow to fly next year so I can get out and ride with my friends.  Until then I want to see some summer backyard set ups and I want to create a few of our own.

Do you have any summer snowboard experiences?  Do you have a story that you remember?