Two Laps in Alpine’s Mini Park

February 15, 2013 By

Do you ever have one of the days where you have a blast in the terrain park and then get home only to find out that all of the footage you took is almost wasted?  Well I just had one today.  I officially found out it is time to get a new computer, a new camera, and a new version of Final Cut.  After all that went down, I managed to put together two runs through Alpine’s Mini Terrain Park with Windows Live Movie Maker.

Apline’s Mini Park

 Method, Snowboard, Apline Ski Resort

Before I show you this nasty video, I want you to know that we really did have a good day.  I met Brian at Alpine at around 10 and we jammed for a solid couple of hours.  The park was freshly groomed, Brian took out the lame flags with methods all day, and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  We took some falls, and we also gained back some of the confidence we have lost over the years.  If feels good to have a day like this.

So here is the nasty video, I was forced to make in Windows Live Movie Maker.  My first and probably my last.  Not happy about this vid. but I am happy about the new gadgets and computers that will be in my arms in the near future.

Oh man, I am writing this and have not watched the video yet.  It can’t be good.  As soon as the hour and a half it takes to upload to YouTube goes by I will put it up above this paragraph with no avail.  I am not worried about it, because it is just one of those days.  Everyone has them and I can only believe that everything from here on out will be 10 times better.

Either way.  We had a great day lapping Alpine’s mini park and I can’t wait to do it again.  Sorry for the crappy edit, and all I can wish for is that you can make a video better than this.

When is the last time your electronics took a crap?


Blogging is Fun but…

February 17, 2012 By

Hitting the slopes is more fun.  You see, I am not one of the bloggers who has 50 articles sitting in a blog barrel ready to post.   Actually a lot of the blogs you read from me are typed that day.  That’s my personality, the way I do things.

Terrain Park, snowboardWhy do I tell you this?    Because I have a video/blog from Eddie B’s event to finish so I can share it with ya’ll right now.  I am sorry to say, but that just is not going to happen.  It is the day after my birthday, 39 degrees at 10 am, and I am headed to Alpine Valley to surf the Midwest Slush with a few friends.

This is an opportunity, and one not to pass up.  We have multiple Go Pros, multiple Drift cameras, and a Kodak Zi8.  The sun is popping and the sky is blue.  Time to get it when the gettin’ is good.  Do what we preach.  “Board the Midwest All day, Everyday.”  Live it.

There is a good chance… I can still get out Eddie’s event today, I will do my best.  The event will surely be talked about in our PARX Reports so make sure to sign up.

Thanks for understanding, Jon T


PARX Bootleg 002 Recap

November 11, 2011 By

Alpine Valley Snowboard and Ski Swap001, success.  002 one week later, BOOM!  We rode again.  Our trip to Alpine Valley started on Saturday, and the fun continued right on through to Sunday.  From the sounds and looks of everything, the snowboard and ski swap was a huge success.  Hopefully that means we will meet a lot of new faces on the slopes this winter.  Lets get onto the snowboarding and skiing that went down.

The Recap

What started as a phone called ended with new friends, progression, and excitement.  We now know we can plan an event in less than a week.  We know two 12 foot boxes are better than one, and we know six year old girls can shred Powderpak.

Video Check

In the last two weeks there are people in Michigan who snowboarded more than most snowboard in a year.  If you are one, who is blessed to live near mountains, this type of riding may not make sense.  For all of the rest, especially the Midwest.  You can ride during spring graduation, a summer birthday, at prom, or in your backyard 365 days a year.  It’s all good.

We thank Alpine Valley for having us out to their snowboard and ski swap.  We thank our friends who helped pull, lift, or carry something.  And we thank everyone who came out to ride!  What a blasts.

Want to snowboard and ski at your event?   How about 365 days a year?  We hope so!  Hit us up on our Contact Page with any questions you may have.


Snowboard and Ski Bootleg 002 at Alpine Valley

November 2, 2011 By

Snowboard and SkiLast week we had our first snowboard and ski bootleg event at Fran Leaf Park.  It was off the hook and thanks to everyone who came out to ride.  We thought our next bootleg would be in a couple of weeks, and then we found out about the snowboard and ski swap going down at Alpine Valley.  After a few phone calls are next snowboard and ski event is on at Alpine Valley.

Bootleg Event 002

Located in Highland, MI is Alpine Valley.  They are putting on their annual ski and snowboard swap over the first weekend in November.  We teamed up with Alpine and they agreed to have us there to get you and your friends snowboarding and skiing before the snow flies.

Parx Run InWe are super excited to be apart of the snowboard and ski swap.  We will keep this event simple and have a couple of rails to ride.  To get speed we will have two Banshee Bungees and we just might pull out the winch.  We may even use a few of the rails that will be in Alpine’s terrain park this winter.

If you want to trade in some of your gear and ride in the same day, you should come out to Alpine.  We will be there on Saturday for sure and we may stay for Sunday.  We are pumped to get you on your boards and skis.  Now is the time to dust off your boards and get rid of the cobwebs before the snow flies.  If you have never done anything like this, that is fine.  We will teach you everything you need to know!!  We look forward to see you out there.

Location and Time

Alpine Valley Ski Resort

6775 Highland Road  White Lake, MI 48383

FRI       11/04        6PM – 8PM        PUBLIC DROP OFF

SAT       11/05       9AM – 4PM        SWAP SALES

SUN      11/06      11AM – 3PM      SWAP SALES

If you have questions or know of secrete spots we can jam next, please email us at info at