When Decisions To Move Forward are Made

December 13, 2012 By

While I was looking through some old footage, I came across a couple clips where big decisions were made.  We had to decide if Powderpak was good enough to use for Parx.  At that time, this was a make or break decision because I didn’t know how Parx would work if the Powderpad didn’t work.

Decision Made

Snowboard, synthetic snow, ski

Seeing that I wanted to be able to Board the Midwest all day everyday, I needed a synthetic snow that would allow us to do so.  So I ordered 100 square feet of Powderpak and got to testing.  This test was done in Auburn Hills, Michigan at Riverside Park.  Here are the few clips I found of our day of testing.

It worked!  The hill we tested on was not steep enough so I had to break out the Banshee Bungee for some speed, but at the end of the day it worked.  This is the day I decided to move forward with PARX.

If the Powderpak didn’t hold up, I have no idea where Parx would be at this time.  It was a make or break decision because I didn’t know where else to go.  Every other synthetic snow was a lot more expensive, which could have broke the bank seeing that I was bootstrapping the whole idea.

It is always fun to look back at some of the stuff you did.  You never know what you will find.  I didn’t remember turing on the camera for this test, but I am glad I did.  It takes me right back, and brings back the memories of why I started Parx.  To this day, I still have the same feelings, and I can’t wait to have more fun Boarding the Midwest All Day, Everyday.

What big decisions have you had to make?  Did you move forward?  


Bootleg 006: Banshee Bungee Fence Drop

March 2, 2012 By

snowboard banshee bungeeThis one was simple.  About 100 feet from where this blog is typed, a perfect snowboard shred spot lurks in my view.  It looks like a melting pile of snow next to a fence that stands on top of a 4-5 foot retaining wall.  It was time to get creative, build that melted pile of snow into something snowboard savvy, and drop that fence line.  So we did.

Bungee Fence Drop

This fence drop has been staring at me for way to long so I threw out a couple Facebook messages and we went for it.  The snow situation was far from perfect, but we were able to bungee it.  We had to get after it before the snow completely melted.  Here is a quick edit of our Mission: Bootleg 006.

The whole plan could have gone a lot better if we had two less ankle biters (the dogs) and one more person to help pull back the bungee.  Some faster snow would have made things a lot better also.  All in all our Banshee Bungee snowboard mission was a success and we are onto Bootleg 007.

Where should we go next?


Snowboard Anywhere Anytime

February 15, 2012 By

snowboard ski bungeeYou can snowboard and ski anywhere at anytime with the Banshee Bungee.  I did this video awhile back, and think it is worth bringing up again.  Everything I said still holds true!  If you have never heard of a Banshee Bungee, now you have.  Enjoy!

the Banshee Bungee

If you hear expensive, that means inexpensive.  Also make sure to subscribe to PARX Reports for the latest updates and videos of us using the Banshee Bungee.


Backyard Snowboard Parks R our Thing

September 7, 2011 By

My first snowboard experience was in a backyard, 50% of my current snowboard time is spent in a backyard, and we will show you how you can snowboard in your own backyard for years to come.

Why Backyard Snowboard Parks

Backyard SnowboardingWhy?  Because it is cheaper than going to a resort.  Because you can create anything you can think of, and because you and your friends can jam out for hours on end without some little punk laughing at you on the way up the lift.

Doesn’t that sounds about perfect?  Check out this short video of the backyard set up we jammed.

Backyard set ups can take a ton of work and you may have to get creative to make it fun, but in the end we believe it is all worth it.

With the addition of PARX into our lives, backyard parks are now a lot easier for everyone to have.  We have obstacles, drop-ins, and much more.  We are super pumped for the snow to fall and if you have any suggestions or would like to see us do something unreal, please suggest it.  We will do what we can.

Do you have a video of your personal backyard park?  If so, shoot it our way and we would love to post if for the world to see!  If not, break out your shovel this year and do something sweet!