Downtown Rail Jam 2013

September 13, 2013 By

It is about to happen again. The Downtown Rail Jam is about to go down in Birmingham, Michigan on September 21st. Last year was off the hook and this year should be much of the same. Bring your friends, bring your boards, and lets jam.

Don Thomas Sporthaus

Here are some pictures from last year. The drop in will be the same this year due to city ordinances and crap, but we are hope to have some new obstacles for you to jam this year.

Well Flickr slide shows still do not want to work on my site, so here is the link.

F…. Flickr

Since my slideshow didn’t work here is a video from last year to get you pumped. Enjoy and I hope to see you at the jam.

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SUPERHEROS OF STOKE at Don Thomas Sporthaus

October 26, 2012 By

On Saturday, November, 3rd 2012 Matchstick Productions newest video “SUPERHEROS OF STOKE” will be premiering at the Birmingham 8 Theater in Birmingham, Michigan.  If you like anything that deals with the ski and snowboard industry this is for you.

Ski film, Snowboard, Don Thomas Sporthaus

MSP- Super Heros of Stoke

The show starts at 8 p.m. and ends with an Afterglow party at Don Thomas Sporthaus located at 690 S. Old Woodward in Downtown Birmingham.  This is where you will meet pros like Rebecca Selig, Michelle Parker, and Mark Abma.  If you are lucky you can grab their autographs and hang out with them for a bit.  Snacks and refreshments along with massive giveaways will be provided at the Afterglow party.  This is one you do not want to miss.

A little about the film from MSP’s website:

“MSP is proud to bring you the most eagerly awaited ski film of the last two decades. “SUPERHEROES OF STOKE” celebrates MSP’s heritage and 20 years of skiing progression, showcasing icons of the sport and honoring the moments that helped define modern freeskiing. This awe-inspiring new film takes a captivating look at the past, present, and future of freeskiing through comprehensive storytelling and engaging first-person perspectives from those who helped change the game. Throughout the film, MSP honors the heroes who have emerged over the years and pays tribute to the heroes who have been lost. “SUPERHEROES OF STOKE” showcases incredible new action from all corners of the globe, encompassing overhead powder at Chatter Creek, massive spine walls in Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountains, pillow lines and tree jibs in Japan, and massive man-made features at Whistler and Alyeska.”

The crew from PARX and mSnow will also be there to hang out and meet people in the industry.  Word on the street is that there will be a mSnow giveaway that will allow you to shred your backyard anytime of the year.  Get there.  100% of the proceeds from this premiere go to

To purchase your $12 ticket for the show, get to Don Thomas Sporthaus NOW, or call them at  (248) 220-1999!! 

Also check out the MSP Super Heros of Stoke Event Page for more information.


Birmingham Rail Jam 2012

September 14, 2012 By

Coming back for the fourth year in a row is the Birmingham Rail Jam.  On September 22nd, 2012 snowboarders and skiers from around the Midwest and possibly the world will come together to compete for prizes, pride, and the rail jam championship in Downtown Birmingham.  The best part for us at PARX, they asked us to bring in our drop-in as the main feature.  So Stoked.

Birmingham Rail Jam

Snowboard, Ski, Rail Jam, Birmingham, Michigan, MidwestLast year this event was bigger than ever and people had an absolute blast.  We hope to keep that same vibe and look to push riders to the next level.  Either way, we will be riding before there is snow on the ground so you know it will be fun no matter what.

If you have never been to a Birmingham Rail Jam now is your chance.  The event will be killer and some of the biggest reps in the Midwest will be there to answer your every question.  Don Thomas Sporthaus, who puts the event on every year, will be there with discounts and many other prizes throughout the day.  They will get you on the right path for the winter to come.

If you want to get in on some of the action and compete, make sure to go to BoneheadX to register.  If you just want to come out and watch snowboarders and skiers throw down.  You should.  One last note.  If you end up coming down to the jam, make sure to stop by the PARX tent and say hi.  We would love to meet you and we may even have a couple cool little giveaways for you to sing up for.  Either way, we hope to see you on Saturday for some snowy end of the summer fun.  It’s time to shred my friends.

If you have any questions contact me or give Don Thomas Sporthaus a call.  We will help you out.

What else would you do on a Saturday other than watch some snowboard and ski fun?


Birmingham Rail Jam September 24th, 2011

September 2, 2011 By

The word is out, so grab your snowboards, your skis, dust them off and get ready for a rail jam.  The O-Park  teamed up with a few other Michigan companies to bring a rail jam to Birmingham, MI on Woodward Ave. across the street from Don Thomas Sporthaus.

Birmingham Rail Jam

Last year was their second annual rail jam and I expect to see the same type of set up this year.  Hopefully even bigger with more people.  I have not found a flier  for this year, but here is what went down last year.

September 24, 2011

You can check out the 3rd Annual Birminham Rail Jam Facebook Page for updates and extra information.

The 2010 Set Up

Rail jam set up

I do not think there is going to be a skate pool at the end of the set up for 2011, but if I know the O-Park right, they will have many other obstacles for riders to slash.

If you think you are going to be at the event, be sure to shoot me a message on Facebook.  It would be great to meet you.  If you are not going to be there, reorganize your priorities and get there.  Good luck to all of the riders and I hope to see you jamming out at the Birmingham Rail Jam 2011.