Sunday at The Lab

April 25, 2012 By

May 6th it is going down again.  We are going to sweat, train, and have a ton of fun.  Three hours of your life will be filled with tramps, foam, jumps, snowboards and a work out that you won’t forget.  It is time to get back to the Misfit Lab and learn some snowboard and air control.

Snow jump in bay harbor MichiganMisfit Sundays

The second Misfit Lab Sunday with PARX is taking place May 6th.  So here is the deal.  Come to the Misfit Lab and have some fun. Tell the guys up front Jon T from PARX sent you and you will get in for $20 bones (3hr All Area).  I am still getting a list together of everyone who wants to jam so sign up below and you will be updated on this trip or the next.

Contact us if you have questions or want to car pool on I-75 somewhere.  Time to keep our asses in shape and learn some new tricks.  Don’t look for me up front, look for me in the foam pit.

Sign up so we can let you know when we train next.

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Address to the Misfit Lab : 400 Fenway Drive, Fenton MI


Misfit Lab Double Flip – APPROVED

March 5, 2012 By

Snowboard and skiEach week we highlight our favorite piece of social media from the snowboard and ski world and give it our “I’d Hit That” stamp of approval.  All we want to do is give recognition to all of the hard working folks in the Action Sports Industry.

Sit back, enjoy, and take a look at this weeks “I’d Hit That” stamp of approval.

Double Flip

It was always a question for the Misfit Lab, but not anymore.  Can a double be done at the Lab?  Tyler May, a local Michigan snowboarder seals the deal and squashes all of the questions with his double into the foam pit.  This is a huge break through and exactly why this video deserves an “I’d Hit That” stamp of approval.

Do you have a video, a picture, or a special piece of snowboard and ski media that you would like to get approved?  If so, you can send us your story through our Contact Page.


Bootleg 005: PARX inside the Misfit Lab

December 23, 2011 By

Snowboarding skiing After months of working their tails off, the Misfit Lab opened to the public.  On opening day people from around the Midwest came to snowboard, ski and check out the facility.  There were Huck Finn competitions throughout the day, AGA gave out some stellar swag, and PARX was on display.  It was an opening day to remember and one that we wish everyone could have made it to.

Inside the Misfit Lab

Bootleg 005 went off without a hitch.  We tested our set up inside the Misfit Lab warehouse.  We met new people we hope to know for a long time, and we are excited the Midwest now has a indoor facility where people can snowboard and ski year round.  Here is a video of PARX inside the Lab.

Sorry for not showing you more footage of the Misfit Lab Facilities.  I guess this means you will have to go there and check it out for yourself.  I don’t really think video of the place will do it justice anyway.  You have to check it out in person, so get there.  We had a blast and think you will too.

Here is the address to the Lab…

400 Fenway Dr.  Fenton, MI 48430