OWC – Orlando Watersports Complex

March 23, 2012 By

In the heart of Orlando, Florida lays the mecca of wakeboarding and many other action sports.  Right next to Disney Land, Sea World, Epcot, and many other world famous attractions.  The Orlando Watersports Complex make its mark.

Orlando Watersports Complex

Wakeboard and waterskiIn a state where the average annual temperature is 72.3 degrees F, OWC turns first time wakeboarders into pro tour riders.    You can get a pull behind a boat, or you can tone your arms by lapping one of the two cable parks at OWC.  If you are in Florida on vacation, take a vactation from vacation and go to the Orlando Watersports Complex.

Time to check out some Video

My overall thoughts after wakeboarding at OWC…  The place has been around from the beginning of the cable park craze.  They revolutionized riding styles, wakeboards, and the sport of wakeboarding.  There is no doubt that you should give OWC a test if you are in Florida.  Heck you will probably end up saving money compared to a lot of the Disney prices.

As  for anyone who lives in FL, you are lucky.  I know you have more than one park to choose from and I look to get back down there again.  OWC I will make sure to stop by every time my feet touch down in Orlando.  Thanks for the good times and  for making me become a better wakeboarder.  If you want more information on Orlando Watersports Complex, make sure to check out there site.  OrlandoWatersports.com

Orlando Watersports Comples = 0006 places, PARX and the world can Board the Midwest All Day Everyday