JackTylerGRStreet – APPROVED

February 25, 2013 By

Snowboard and skiCheck this edit straight from the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Watch as Jack Harris and Tyler May break out the lights, build a couple urban hits and get crazy for two nights. I have been watching what these guys do for awhile now and it keeps on getting better and better. There is no doubt they love to ride and are pretty dang good at it. For that and their passion to kill it, these boys deserved to be Approved!

GR Street

Each week we highlight our favorite piece of social media from the snowboard and ski world and give it our “I’d Hit That” stamp of approval. All we want to do is give recognition to all of the hard working folks in the Action Sports Industry.  

Sit back, enjoy, and take a look at this weeks “I’d Hit That” stamp of approval.

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Marhar Backyard Rail Jam Recap

January 18, 2013 By

Mark this one down in history.  There are a lot of us who will remember what just went down at the Marhar Backyard Rail Jam in Downtown Grand Rapids.  From the Griffins to flocks of snowboard enthusiasts, we were there.  Here is a quick recap of the jam.

Marhar Snowboards

Snowboard, Rail Jam, Marhar

Jam sessions started around one in the afternoon.  It was basically open for anyone to ride, to have fun on, and learn something new.  This crazyness lasted the rest of the night.  Around 6:30 however, Marhar threw in a little competition that put cash on the line.  I think the word was out because people from around Michigan and the Midwest came out to see who could or would win.  We caught parts of the day on film.

We also have a ton of pictures to sort through, but check out the snap shots Jack over at SnappedCore.com took of the night.  He knows how to point and shoot.

We should all give the crew over at Marhar Snowboards a pat on the back for making this event happen.  They put a ton into this thing to make it work.  I also have to thank Josh and Nate for having Parx out to help put the event on.  It has been great to work with you and I can’t wait to meet up again.

One last shout out has to go out to all of the people who came ride and to those who came to support this event.  Without people showing up, we wouldn’t be able to have as good as an event as we did.  I hope to see you all at the next Marhar Snowboards Backyard Rail Jam.


Placid Wake Park

May 16, 2012 By

Wakeboard Grand Rapids MichiganLocated roughly 15 miles west of Grand Rapids, Michigan is a quaint little town named Allendale.  We would bet that a lot of you have never heard of the town, but did you know you can wakeboard in Allendale?  If not, it is about time that you check out Placid Wake Park.

Placid Wake Park

For anyone who wants to ride behind a boat or get pulled through a water obstacle course with a Sesitec System 2.0, Placid is the place.  They switched up their features a bit from what is in the picture below, and that is a good thing.  You want to ride at parks that keep it fresh.

Jon on a wakeboard

My thought on Placid Wake Park is that if I am on the west side of Michigan I will do everything I possibly can to get to Placid.  Every time I am there it is a blast and the people have always been good.  Make sure to call ahead so you know they are open and have a blast until your arms fall off.  I think my arms die every time I am there, but that is because it is so much fun riding hard for hours.  Go there and enjoy yourself.  Then you will become a better rider.

For more info on Placid Wake Park go to their site at www.placidwakepark.com.

Placid Wake Park = 0007 places, PARX and the world can Board the Midwest All Day Everyday.


Marhar Snowboards and PARX Align

January 4, 2012 By

On January 21st, PARX, Jon T, and Marhar Snowboards all meet up right outside of Rosa Parks Circle in Downtown Grand Rapids to put on a free rail jam for everyone.  The event starts at 12pm the 21st and ends at 6pm Sunday the 22nd.

The Rail Jam

Check out the details below.  If you click on the picture it will take you to the Facebook Event Page where you can invite your friends to the event.

Event, SnowboardHey, It’s a free event.  So come on out and enjoy yourself for awhile.  The guys from Marhar have free swag to throw out , and who knows, maybe you will learn a thing or two.