Take a Shot

September 9, 2013 By

Went shooting this past weekend with my brother in law at the Pontiac Lake shooting range.

He blasted his black powder like it was his day job and I took some time to dial in my Rugar 10/22.

As a kid my dad always took me shooting and this event took me straight back to those days. It felt great to get out with my family and friends. I can’t wait to do the same on a board this year.

The time is coming my friends!


Backyard Ski Setup Snackboyz -APPROVED

April 2, 2012 By

Snowboard and skiEach week we highlight our favorite piece of social media from the snowboard and ski world and give it our “I’d Hit That” stamp of approval.  All we want to do is give recognition to all of the hard working folks in the Action Sports Industry.

Sit back, enjoy, and take a look at this weeks “I’d Hit That” stamp of approval.


One of the best ways to snowboard and ski… In your backyard.  That is exactly what we love to do, what we love to promote, and is what these Michigan shredders did.  Not only did they do it, they did it well.  Real Real well.  Anyone who has a night light this knows why this video is Approved.

Do you have a video, a picture, or a special piece of snowboard and ski media that you would like to get approved?  If so, you can send us your story through our Contact Page.


5 Reasons To Snowboard in your Backyard

January 6, 2012 By

Backyard Shredding Snowboard styleIf it ever snows in the Midwest it is a guarantee that you will find us in a backyard building, creating, and snowboarding like crazy.  Some people might think this is crazy, and others may not even understand why a person would do such a thing.  Well, here are five good reasons why we think everyone should snowboard in their backyard.

5 Reasons to Snowboard in your Backyard

1.  It’s Free…  Do I have to say more?  You can literally get hours upon hours of boarding in without paying a dime.

2.  Creativity…  Every person could use their brain a little bit more.  Building your own backyard snowboard park allows you to think and get super creative.

3.  Ride with Friends Anytime…  It’s your backyard.  You can invite your friends over every night, and they will love you for it because they get to ride for free!!

4.  Options are endless…  Really, if you can think it, you can build it.  The only thing holding you back is your creativity and maybe your mom.  I still see the option to build a massive rainbow over the house!

5.  It’s Your Workout…  Who likes going to the gym anyway?  If there is snow on the ground, a shovel, a bungee, or a board should be in your hands instead of some dumbbells.  Working out is super important so why now get in a workout in doing something you love?

There you have it.  Do you build backyard snowboard parks?  If so, why?  We would love to know.