Summer Sabbatical is Over

September 3, 2013 By

It’s sad but true. Whether you noticed or not, I took a little break over the summer from writing and some of the social media things I was doing. Actually I pretty much took the whole summer off and loved every minute of it.

No More Sabbatical


Honestly, listen to what I was really doing instead. I had a baby girl, maybe I should say that again, I had a baby girl. I also worked for the wakeboard clinic, healed my broken clavicle, worked Boyne Camp, and I spent a lot of time with the family.

Although I was on sabbatical, I thought daily about the next step(s) for Parx. I thought about where I want Parx to be in three years. How can I improve it? What needs to change? And in the end, how can we have more fun?

Here are a few of my thoughts as we move forward.

•It is time to update this site. What it will look like and how it will function is still up in the air, but its got to change man.

•Posts will to come more often. Instead of posting things to Facebook, I plan to post everything on this blog first. Posts may be short or just a picture. They could be long. 95% of them will also come from my handy new iPhone 5’er.

•I’m switching up social media outlets. I’m late for Instagram but might give it a try. I have a few other thoughts also. As I put them into action I will let you know.

FB will always be there, but is getting a little old. I will still toss links up and scroll through every now and then to see what is up.

•in two months, I will be 100% healed and back on a board. Be on the lookout for private backyard bashes/jams. At least some videos.

All in all, I am excited to switch some things up and to try out a few new ideas. The sabbatical was a great thing that took place and who knows, maybe I will take one every summer. As far as PARX goes, this is PARX and how we roll. All I can ask is that you roll with us and let us know what you want also.

What would you change


Time for Fun Again

April 10, 2013 By

Over the last couple of years different options popped up.  Some we jumped on, some fizzled out, and all of it got a little to much like business. I love the business side of Parx and can’t wait to learn and grow even more in years to come, but overall, it has been weighing on me big time. Because of that, I have decided to make it all fun again.  It’s why I started Parx in the first place, and seems to be the only way we can keep it going. It is time to get back to the fun.

FunSo what can you expect from here on out?  About the same, with just a little less caring. A little less thinking about different ways to make money. Money just makes things twisted anyway. From here on out, lets have fun, share fun, and show more people how to have fun on a board, on skis, and in life. I can’t tell you everything that will happen, but I can tell you that I am ready for a lot more fun.

What do you think? How can we make it more fun? What fun would you like to see us have? Are you ready to have some fun?


Welcoming Baby T. to the Team

January 31, 2013 By

20, 30, 40 years from now, I hope to look back and read this blog with our newest team member, Baby T.  I can’t wait to share the stories that fill the gaps.  The years Kelly, Baby T and I  will walk side by side, night and day, snow or mSnow. If you are still wondering; we are having a baby.

Official Team Member

Yup, just like that. Kelly and I got married in August, and are having a baby at the end of May. At this point we are 23 weeks along and excited. Life is about to change, no doubt.

baby, official team member

This is my favorite picture so far. Our first ultrasound. At that point Baby T. was about an inch long.  Now he/she is something like the size of a papaya. Time is moving fast, and we can’t wait to see if you will be competing in the Men’s or the Lady’s division. Either way, I can’t say it enough, we are excited.

Now that it is official, anyone who has kids bindings, boots, and boards: I may need you.  And for baby T, welcome to the team. It will be an adventure, I can’t wait to actually see your face.


PARX adds a Member to the Team

February 3, 2012 By

Team Member of ParxIt’s official.  Parx has a new a life time team member.  Can you guess who it is?  You may have seen this person around different PARX events.  Maybe on a snowboard or wakeboard.  Maybe handing out fliers, behind the camera, or maybe just taking care of business getting things organized.  Either way, it is a sure bet that you will see Kelly, my new fiance and team member, for a long, long time to come.

Official Team Member

Christmas Night I pulled the trigger and asked Kelly to marry me.  She said yes!  That seals the deal.  A lot of you who know us already are thinking “it’s about time” and for the rest of you who we don’t know us very well yet, It was about time.

Lift at Alpine ValleyI can proudly say that I am amped to move forward in our lives together and I think Kelly is one of the best assets that Parx has.  She is a huge supporter, motivator, and keeps us in line if we ever get a little crazy.

Now that it is official, make sure to give Kelly a shout out the next time you see her.  She has been one of the best things that has happened to me and one of the best people you may ever meet.  Not to mention she can shred the gnar with the best of them.  I feel like a lucky man.

As we push forward into February and into the rest of our lives.  We hope to meet many more people and I can only hope that everyone finds someone that fits into their lives.  It is a great thing.

Now I just have to figure out how to get PARX into the Wedding Plans!!


Bootleg 004 with People Skate and Snowboard

November 17, 2011 By

Here we go local South East snowboard and ski bums.  We just got off the phone with People Skate and Snowboard and Bootleg 004 is going down Sunday November 2oth at Marshbank Park.  We will be jamming from 12-4.  Be there!!


Marshbank Park  –  2805 Hiller Road  –  West Bloomfield, MI 48324

Bootleg Rail Jam 004



PARX Fall Backyard Snowboard Debut

October 7, 2011 By

October 2nd, 2011 is the date our first official event went down.  Shaun White was there, Hannah Teter showed up, and Jeremy Jones slashed some rails like it was no ones business…

Dropping in on a snowboardWELLL, not really, but we did debut, test, barbecue, slide some rails, and Brendan (the birthday boy) dropped in on a snowboard for the first time.  It was a great day to be out riding.  It is unknown or proven that anyone else in Michigan or the Midwest was snowboarding on this day.  You can sure bet that we made it happen in SE Michigan.  Check out the pictures and video from the party.

Fall Backyard Snowboarding

The day was tricky.  It took everyone a little while to warm up to the Powderpak and the set up.  The tricky part is the fact that you have to point it straight at the obstacles.  There are no set up turns or anything.  Just point and shoot.  This is one of the biggest differences from the snow.

Overall we had a backyard rail jam at the beginning of October.  We had people there from, Summit Sports, and our good friend David from stopped over to jam for awhile.  We will continue to have rail jams whenever we want, and they should only get better from here on out!

  Here is PARX Backyard Snowboard video!!

Shelby Township, MI = 0002 places, PARX and the world can Board the Midwest All Day Everyday.


Backyard Snowboard Parks R our Thing

September 7, 2011 By

My first snowboard experience was in a backyard, 50% of my current snowboard time is spent in a backyard, and we will show you how you can snowboard in your own backyard for years to come.

Why Backyard Snowboard Parks

Backyard SnowboardingWhy?  Because it is cheaper than going to a resort.  Because you can create anything you can think of, and because you and your friends can jam out for hours on end without some little punk laughing at you on the way up the lift.

Doesn’t that sounds about perfect?  Check out this short video of the backyard set up we jammed.

Backyard set ups can take a ton of work and you may have to get creative to make it fun, but in the end we believe it is all worth it.

With the addition of PARX into our lives, backyard parks are now a lot easier for everyone to have.  We have obstacles, drop-ins, and much more.  We are super pumped for the snow to fall and if you have any suggestions or would like to see us do something unreal, please suggest it.  We will do what we can.

Do you have a video of your personal backyard park?  If so, shoot it our way and we would love to post if for the world to see!  If not, break out your shovel this year and do something sweet!


Why PARX was Created

August 30, 2011 By

From the time I graduated highschool in 2000, I had a burning desire to live my life in the action sports industry.  From that time on I graduated collage with an Engineering degree, I worked a few cubicle jobs, and I realized that working for the man wasn’t for me.  So I created Parx.

The Creation of PARX

Snowboard, Ski, Sled, and Wakeboard

Parx was not created over night, it was not created in a year, and the creation of it will probably never stop.  One main reason for Parx is because the Midwest leaves us with two times of the year where it is hard to get on a wakeboard or snowboard.  These times are Fall and Spring.

Because Fall and Spring are down times in the Midwest, Parx are being built to fill the gap.  Now all of the people who want to board all day, everyday can…

My original idea was to build A Midwest Ultimate Training Facility.  The facility will be filled with foam pits, trampolines, big air jumps, a Flow rider or two, a snow hill, BMX park, and much more.  Little did I know that this endeavor would end up costing millions right off the bat.

How could I build something for millions if I didn’t have millions?  I didn’t know either, so I stored my plans for the ultimate training facility away for the future, and started something that I could wrap my hands around.

This is where PARX started.  After about two years of self-reflection and a lot of hard work, Parx is here.  It is a new brand, a new concept, something that isn’t done anywhere else, and it is something that creative minds will love because the options are endless.

If you want to connect Winter to Summer and Summer to Winter, Parx is the place for you.  People who love water sports and snowsports, people who want to ski, snowboard, and sled all day, everyday, now can because of Parx.

Make sure to check us out on Facebook.  I will provide all of the latest happenings, and I will make sure to keep you updated on everything that Parx is doing in the land of actions sports.  I am pumped, I am a little nervous, and can’t wait to meet more people with the same dreams and passions!


The First PARX Set Up

August 9, 2011 By

Are you ready to ski, snowboard or sled??  Anytime?  Anywhere?  Lets get it started because now is your chance.  Check out the first portable PARX set up.

The Drop In

Parx drop in The 10 foot drop in consists of 2 three foot wide runways.  Each runway is covered in Powderpak, and gives you the ability to shred any obstacle.

PARX Features

PARX Rails

From the top of the drop, you can see what is out in front of you.  This set up consisted of one 15 foot flat rail and a smaller 12 foot flat rail.  Each rail directed you into a tire to bonk.

The View from your kitchen Table


School gets out, dinner has been served, nothing but time to hit up your personal backyard terrain park.  Can you imagine the family dinner discussions? The tricks you can do??

And A Video Clip


Baby Nugget Playing on Powderpak

July 26, 2011 By

As I set up to take one of the first drops ever on Parx, baby Nugget came out to test the Powderpak.  I think she loved it!!