Snowboard and Ski Bootleg 004 Recap

November 28, 2011 By

Parx bootlet eventIf you search the word bootleg, Wikipedia’s business definition is, a secret innovation within an organization.  BOOM!  That is exactly how we like to think of our bootleg events.  They are secret to the world as a whole.  However our hope is that every snowboarder and skier in South East Michigan and the Midwest hear about the events.  They are innovative in the sense that we can pretty much snowboard and ski anywhere at anytime.  The best part, the innovation never has to stop, and we can go as crazy with this as we want.  AND WE WANT TO!!!

Bootleg 004

One of our most interesting events to date.  We filled parking lots, we filled streets, and we about took over two different parks.  The crew from People Skate and Snowboard were there to jam and help set the event up.  We had a blast riding for the day.  Check out the VIDEO!


There are certain things in life that you can control, and there are things that happen just because.  Bootleg 004 was nothing like 003 or 002.  The event was out of control (in a good way), and local South East Michigan rippers came together to jam for a afternoon session, four days before Turkey Day.  Epic…

Thanks to everyone who was there to help set up and take down; and for the snow, we can’t wait for more.  Take a look at the article local blogger David Z. wrote at  He highlights the the things that happen just because.  Good stuff.

If you would like an event in your neighbor hood or community, Contact Us.  We would love to hear your idea!


Bootleg 004 with People Skate and Snowboard

November 17, 2011 By

Here we go local South East snowboard and ski bums.  We just got off the phone with People Skate and Snowboard and Bootleg 004 is going down Sunday November 2oth at Marshbank Park.  We will be jamming from 12-4.  Be there!!


Marshbank Park  –  2805 Hiller Road  –  West Bloomfield, MI 48324

Bootleg Rail Jam 004



Bootleg 001 Recap

November 4, 2011 By

Snowboard Parx bootleg eventWhat are the chances that you get to snowboard and ski during October in the Midwest?  Well after our first bootleg event, we would say pretty good.  Our first event went down October 30th, and it was a blast.  Check out our recap of the day, and make sure to watch the video as we snowboard in SE Michigan with no snow on the ground.

PARX Recap 001

Did that just say Snowboard with no snow on the ground?  YUP!!  We did it, thanks to the group of 20+ who came out to see what PARX is all about.  You got to ride, we got to meet, and it turned out to be a perfect day.  Because of that, the event was a success.

Video Time!! 

 More about the event.

We had two 32 foot run ins, two Banshee Bungees, sun in the sky, and swag to give away from People Skate and Snowboard.  Brian from BoardSport Terrain Design stopped by with an MWP box to jib during the best trick contest, and friends from around SE Michigan were there jam.

Bootleg 002 will be even better based on the feedback we had from this event.  We look forward to learn more from every birthday party, festival, bootleg and event that we do.  We are not going to stop now.  This is way to fun, and we are excited push this to the next level.

Pictures of the Event

 (Pics taken by David from Think Feel Pictures)

Do you Want to have a Bootleg event, a Birthday Party, or something new at your event?  We hope so!  Hit us up at Info at for more information.