When Decisions To Move Forward are Made

December 13, 2012 By

While I was looking through some old footage, I came across a couple clips where big decisions were made.  We had to decide if Powderpak was good enough to use for Parx.  At that time, this was a make or break decision because I didn’t know how Parx would work if the Powderpad didn’t work.

Decision Made

Snowboard, synthetic snow, ski

Seeing that I wanted to be able to Board the Midwest all day everyday, I needed a synthetic snow that would allow us to do so.  So I ordered 100 square feet of Powderpak and got to testing.  This test was done in Auburn Hills, Michigan at Riverside Park.  Here are the few clips I found of our day of testing.

It worked!  The hill we tested on was not steep enough so I had to break out the Banshee Bungee for some speed, but at the end of the day it worked.  This is the day I decided to move forward with PARX.

If the Powderpak didn’t hold up, I have no idea where Parx would be at this time.  It was a make or break decision because I didn’t know where else to go.  Every other synthetic snow was a lot more expensive, which could have broke the bank seeing that I was bootstrapping the whole idea.

It is always fun to look back at some of the stuff you did.  You never know what you will find.  I didn’t remember turing on the camera for this test, but I am glad I did.  It takes me right back, and brings back the memories of why I started Parx.  To this day, I still have the same feelings, and I can’t wait to have more fun Boarding the Midwest All Day, Everyday.

What big decisions have you had to make?  Did you move forward?  


Powderpak and Backyard Snowboard Parks

April 11, 2012 By

Summer is soon to be here, so what are you going to do to snowboard?  Midwesterners have the tendency to hang up their boards and forget about them until winter comes again.  I say forget that.

Summer snowboard parkBackyard Snowboard Parks

Check out this little set up I brought over to a friends house to test out.  He had a drop in already built for riding in the winter, so we threw up some powderpak, dug out a 12 foot piece of PVC and got after it.

Using Powderpak to build ParxIf you think it looks a little sketchy, that is fine because it was.  This was only a test.  I would suggest a wider run in and more of a landing.  I would also suggest using a rail that will not move.

Other than that…, I love how simple it can be.  You can put it up and take it down in minutes, and it allows you to Board the Midwest All Day, Everyday.

I know some of you out there  board the summer too.  Post up some pics of your set up and maybe we can encourage more to build year round parks.  Check out my Facebook Page if you like to board.



The First PARX Set Up

August 9, 2011 By

Are you ready to ski, snowboard or sled??  Anytime?  Anywhere?  Lets get it started because now is your chance.  Check out the first portable PARX set up.

The Drop In

Parx drop in The 10 foot drop in consists of 2 three foot wide runways.  Each runway is covered in Powderpak, and gives you the ability to shred any obstacle.

PARX Features

PARX Rails

From the top of the drop, you can see what is out in front of you.  This set up consisted of one 15 foot flat rail and a smaller 12 foot flat rail.  Each rail directed you into a tire to bonk.

The View from your kitchen Table


School gets out, dinner has been served, nothing but time to hit up your personal backyard terrain park.  Can you imagine the family dinner discussions? The tricks you can do??

And A Video Clip


Baby Nugget Playing on Powderpak

July 26, 2011 By

As I set up to take one of the first drops ever on Parx, baby Nugget came out to test the Powderpak.  I think she loved it!!