2013 Outdoor Action Company Rail Jam

November 23, 2013 By

Now that the snow season has basically started, I figured it was about time to get a video done of the pre-season rail jam we did at Outdoor Action Company in Keego Harbor.

snowboard, ski, rail jamYeah I know, it only took me a month and a half to get it on youtube, but what can I say? At least I got the video done.

Overall, I would have to say that this set up was one of the best we have put together. From the picture you can see we had a ton of snow. We had three different rail lines set up, and the kids came together to turn the corrugated tube into a jump line. Check it!

[embed width=”620″ height=”349″]http://youtu.be/ykEJU135H58[/embed]

We have to give it up to Outdoor Action Company for inviting us in to put on this event. They threw out killer prizes and I can only imagine that next year will be better. They served the crowd smoking hot dogs and popcorn, and threw out some nice deals inside. I saw people walking out all day with new gear in their hands.

If you have heard of OAC or not, make sure to get in there this year and say hi. They have a great staff to help you out with your every need. As far as next year goes, we can only hope that they invite us back for this great event. We also hope that everyone who wants to get down on some early season shredding shows up to dial in their skills.


Outdoor Action Company Pre Season Rail Jam

October 23, 2013 By

It is going down this weekend folks. I don’t know how much has been said about it or how much anyone has heard of it, but let me tell you. It is happening.

Rail Jam, Outdoor Action Company


I know there is a lot going on this weekend, but if you want to get your shred on one more time before the snow flies, make sure to get down to Outdoor Action Company for some pre winter skiing and snowboarding.

There will be free prizes and tons of giveaways. Probably even some food. If I can remember, I polished off a few hot dogs the last couple of years I stopped by. Either way, if you have nothing to do, come out and ride, say hi and enjoy the day on the snow. Hope to see you there!


Downtown Rail Jam 2013

September 13, 2013 By

It is about to happen again. The Downtown Rail Jam is about to go down in Birmingham, Michigan on September 21st. Last year was off the hook and this year should be much of the same. Bring your friends, bring your boards, and lets jam.

Don Thomas Sporthaus

Here are some pictures from last year. The drop in will be the same this year due to city ordinances and crap, but we are hope to have some new obstacles for you to jam this year.

Well Flickr slide shows still do not want to work on my site, so here is the link.

F…. Flickr

Since my slideshow didn’t work here is a video from last year to get you pumped. Enjoy and I hope to see you at the jam.

[embed width=”620″ height=”349″]http://youtu.be/85R8VZ5kRYY[/embed]


Inspired Sounds Sessions

July 5, 2013 By

Do you like Reggae? Do you like to snowboard and ski in the middle of the summer? Do you like to go to rail jams? If so, it is time for you to grab your party hats, your skis and your snowboards. Once you pull your gear ouf of the closet, it is time for you to head to the Timber Ridge Ski Resort for the Inspired Sound Sessions on July 13th. It is sure to be a good time for all, and I hope you can make it out.

Inspired Sounds

Sounds Sessions, Inspired, Tanner Hall

The event will be a Reggae Fest and Rail Jam with Zion Lion, Kevin Perron & Tanner Hall. If you have never heard of Tanner Hall, he is a ski legend. If his skills on the stage are anything like they are on the snow, you can bet that it will be a good show.

Along with good music comes good rail jams. The set up will consist of two drop ins and two different rails for people to jam all day long. If you are wondering where all of the snow will come from, let me be the first to tell you that there will be no snow at this event. It will all be mSnow my friends.

Timber ridge ski resort

To get your ticket for the day click “Here”.

And, if you want even more information on the event, make sure to check out TR PARKS and the Event Page on facebook or contact me anytime. I hope to see you there.


Steez for the Cheez – APPROVED

June 17, 2013 By

Snowboard and skiEarly season rail jams have a place in my heart. And if you know anything, you know that early season rail jams in Michigan really have a special place in my heart.

This one is from Marquette, MI. It’s where the Yoopers live.

It is also where Marquette College and Mountain are located. Yoopers + College + Mountain + Steez and Cheez = A Good Rail Jam.  It’s Approved.

the Cheez

Each week we highlight our favorite piece of social media from the snowboard and ski world and give it our “I’d Hit That” stamp of approval. All we want to do is give recognition to all of the hard working folks in the Action Sports Industry.  

Sit back, enjoy, and take a look at this weeks “I’d Hit That” stamp of approval.

[embed width=”620″ height=”349″]http://vimeo.com/55674734[/embed]

Filmed//Edited by Mike Kvackay | mikekvackay.com

1st Place Male – Jake Moore

1st Place Female – Jessi Heuge

Thanks to Casualties Skate and Snow for putting on the Event.


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Sketch Up: What Could Have Been

February 8, 2013 By

A while back I made some comments that I would draw different snowboard and ski set ups in Sketch Up and share them with you.  I said that I would work 4 hours on this program every week.  Well here is a quick sketch up of a rail jam that fell through the cracks and needs to be brought back to life.

The Sketch Up that Should Be

Sketch Up, snowboard, ski, Rail jamIf I had to guess, I would say this sketch is only about 25% done.  There is so much more that can go into this rail jam.  If you ever stand on the top parking lot and look out you will know what I am talking about.  Here is another view and a real view.

Rail Jam, Snowboard, Ski Rail Jam, Snowboard, Ski

Honestly, with that much parking lot and that much of a hill, the options are endless for this spot.  The sketch up I drew was a few hours of work.  If we can convince the right people, I will spend another 9+ hours on it adding in tents, wall rides, stages, hips, rainbow rails, and anything else I can imagine.

Either way, I got some more practice on sketch up and wanted to show you a little of what I have done.  I will continue to improve my novice skills in sketch up, and I am excited to draw and then build bada$$ set ups so we can all ski and snowboard more.

Do you have a rail jam to Sketch up?


Noah’s Backyard Snowboard Park

January 16, 2013 By

It is always good to meet people who like to snowboard as much as you do.  The type of people who will do anything to snowboard no matter what the conditions are on the hill or in your backyard.  I recently met Noah and wouldn’t you know it, the kid has a killer snowboard set up in his backyard.  Take a look into Noah’s life as a die hard snowboarder.

Noah’s Snowboard Park

It all starts off with a drop in.  Something every passionate snowboarder should have in their backyard.

Snowboard, Ski, RampBackyard Drop In, Snowboard, Ski

As you can see this does not have to be a huge under taking.  Noah and his dad built their drop in right into their old playground set.  Man that reminds me of my child hood years.

From there it is time to get creative like Noah and his buddies have.  It is time to build and find as much stuff as you can to jam.  PVC pipes, tires to bonk, barrels, home aide rails, anything you can find will work.  Maybe your parents will let you barrow their old car to slide across.  Just find anything that looks fun.  Here is what Noah and his buddies built for their backyard.

Snowboard, Backyard, Fun, Ski

All that is left is to find some lights you can hook up so you can ride in your backyard all night long.  This is when it really becomes fun.  There is nothing like a good night set with your buddies after a long day at school.  Here is Noah’s backyard rail set up at night.

snowboard, ski, backyard rail jam

Once you are all set up, all that is left is to have some major fun and learn as many new tricks as you possibly can.  I truly believe and know from experience that you will be way better off on your snowboard if you do what Noah has.  All you have to do is watch Noah and his buddies ride.  They kill it and are more comfortable on their boards than a lot of people I know.  With out having a backyard to session in, I do not believe they would be anywhere close to where they are on a boards now.  The slay it.

And last but not least, I have to recommend that Noah and his friends get some mSnow on their drop in so they do not have to shovel snow from the hockey rink every time they want to ride.  I never had it when I was a kid, but man I wish I did.  It would have made life so much easier.

I am so glad I had the chance to meet and talk with Noah.  I also have to thank him for taking the time to send in pics of his backyard set up.  Like I said before, it took me straight back to my childhood years.  Wait, I still do this now.  Either way, my hope is that more people with follow in Noah’s tracks and build a killer backyard set up for themselves.  It is worth every minute.  It will also put you way ahead of everyone else on the hill.  Keep killing it man, and I am excited to see you one the slopes.



December 10, 2012 By

Snowboard and skiAt the beginning of every snow season, Midwest people, stores and resorts always put on rails jams before mother nature provides snow.  In the video you are about to watch you will see people killing it at Cannonsburg Ski resort.  People from all over Michigan came out to get their skills dialed in before the snow falls.  I always love to see the different set ups and I think this is one of the best from this year which is exactly why this video needs to be approved!  Enjoy.


Each week we highlight our favorite piece of social media from the snowboard and ski world and give it our “I’d Hit That” stamp of approval. All we want to do is give recognition to all of the hard working folks in the Action Sports Industry.

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Nub’s Nob 3rd Annual Manna Rail Jam

November 14, 2012 By

Here we go local Michigan and Midwest people.  It is time for another rail jam in Northern Michigan.  On Saturday, November 24th, 2012 Nub’s Nob is having their 3rd annual Manna Rail Jam.

Snowboard, Ski, Rail Jam

Manna Rail Jam

This jam sounds like it will be a fun event.  Nub’s teamed up with the Manna Food project and Level 1 to give people the chance to ride, watch “Sunny”, and donate cans of food for a good cause.

Last year they filled three bins with food and this year they look to fill even more.  Cash is always welcome as they also look to donate more than they did last year to the cause.  This should be the perfect reason for everyone to get there if you can.  Help a good cause and get to ride at the same time.

So get your boards, get your skis, and get to Nub’s on the 24th.  If you want more information on the event, check out the Event Page on Facebook.  After two years of doing this, one can only bet that this year will be bigger and better.


Snowboard and Ski in the City

September 26, 2012 By

Before the first day of fall.  Before snow is on the ground.  We snowboarded and skied in downtown Birmingham, Michigan.  We rode Friday night without snow, and over 70 riders came out Saturday to compete in the Birmingham Rail Jam that Don Thomas Sporthaus put on with yards of shaved ice from a local hockey rink.  Lucky for us, we had the chance to set up our mobile drop in and help make this comp happen.  Check out a couple different videos that have already dropped and some pics from the crews of PARX and AGA Nation.

Birmingham Rail Jam

Video From AGA Nation

A local Shredder’s Vid.

Pictures From PARX

For more pictures check out what the crew from AGA Nation snapped the day of the comp.  CLICK FOR PICS!

What city is going to have the next Snowboard and Ski Rail Jam.  Where should it be?