2012 Holly Dickens Festival Recap

December 19, 2012 By

Being part of one of the oldest Dickens Festivals in downtown Holly, Michigan was something I never expected.  As the third weekend wrapped up all I can say is that I am super glad we were able to be a part of it, and I hope Parx is a part of this festival for years to come.

Holly Dickens Festival

Sled, Holly, Michigan, Dickens Festival

Can you see the excitement?  I think it is safe to say that this is how we all felt after the last day of the festival.  It was a blast and words cannot explain how much fun we actually had at the festival.  We pushed kids down our sledding hill for hours on end, and I am pretty sure the kids could not get enough of it because all we heard is “One more time, One More TIME!”  So what did they do?  They jumped right back in line for another plunge down the sledding hill.

With all of the fun we had, I have to give a huge thanks to the Holly Dickens Festival Committee for making everything happen.  They worked their butts off to make a dying festival happen and I hope they are very happy with the results.  I also have to give a huge thanks to Dick and Dawn from Holly Hills Primitives for getting us into the festival.  They are a huge reason the whole festival took place.  Also have to give it up to all of the coffee shops in town for keeping us warm and for keeping our energy levels high with their freshly brewed coffee.  That stuff was good.  One last thank you to John from Great Lakes Market Place for food and more coffee.

All in all, it seemed like the Holly Dickens Festival went off without a hitch.  The shops were full and the streets were filled with people from all over Michigan.  Again, we couldn’t have been happier to be apart of this festival and I hope it grows every year.  Next year is the big 40th anniversary so if you have never been to the Holly Dickens Festival, 2013 is your year to be there.


Holly Dickens Festival

November 28, 2012 By

In one way or another we have always wanted to be a part of more festivals throughout the US and the Midwest.  Whether it is with a snowboard, a pair of skis, or a sledding hill for families to enjoy, we are ready.  Take a look at a small part of history we are super stoked to be a part of, The Holly Dickens Festival.

Dickens Fest

 Holly Dickens Festival

Lets start off with a description from the Holly Dickens Festival FB page.

“A Christmas Carol” comes to life in this 39 year old Holly tradition. Brought here directly from Rochester England by Roy Dennison, The Holly Dickens festival is one of the oldest Dickens festivals in the Nation. Continue the Tradition and see how you can make 2012 an even Greater Festival.  November 23, 24 & 25 Dec 1 & 2 and Dec 8 & 9

One of the oldest Dickens festivals in the Nation! Sounds like a ton of fun right?  Well to help make the event a little more fun, we hooked up with Josh from JZ Landscaping and put a sledding hill right in the middle of the festival.  That is right, you can come to the festival and sled in the middle of the street.

Here is a snapshot taken from the first weekend of the festival.

Sledding at the Holly Dickens festival

We couldn’t be more happy to help add another attraction to the festival.  We can only hope that we will be a part of it for the next 50 years.  If you are looking for something to do, make sure to get to Holly and enjoy yourself.  You can shop and let your kids sled at the same time, or you can join in on all of the carols and Dickens activities that happen throughout the day.

If you would like more information on the Holly Dickens Festival be sure to check out their website.  If you happen to make it down to the event, make sure and take a turn on our sledding hill.  It’s free, fun, and good for everyone.  If anything, just stop out and say hi.  We would love to meet you and enjoy the Holly Dickens Festival with you.

More updates are to come as we have another two weekends to sled at the festival. 


Lets go Sledding

November 20, 2012 By

Most people do not know that you can sled anytime you want, so I thought it would be a good time to tell you a little about it.  Maybe it is at your party, your festival, or maybe you just want to have some sledding fun in the middle of the summer.  Anyway and anywhere you choose to sled, PARX can help you get it done.

Summer Sledding, Sled, Parx

Summer Sledding

I don’t know why, but it is not very often I talk about what we do and how we can help you.  If you have been following along for sometime now, you probably know I talk a lot about boarding in your backyard, about skiing during the summer, and about different ways you can Board the Midwest All Day Everyday.  We have left one thing out for the longest time.

SLEDDING!!!  Yup, why not?  If I had to guess, people were most likely  sledding down a hill way before they skurfed,  skied, or snowboarded down a hill.  It would only make sense we add it in.  Check out a few shots of us sledding when it is 95 degrees out.

I probably should have left out the Chinese background music so you could hear everyone screaming in joy as they dropped 10 feet on synthetic snow.  If there is snow we will use it, if there isn’t, no worries. Parx brings fun no matter what.

If you ever have the urge to sled, ski or snowboard, contact us and we will help you out.  It is all about having a little bit of fun for us, and we love to spread that joy to your party or event.  Sledding is made for every single friend and person in your family.  If you think sledding during the summer is a little crazy, think no more.  I promise it will take you right back to being a little kid again.

What do you think about sledding during the summer?



Would parks get used more if…

April 25, 2012 By

…if there was a snowboard run, a sledding hill, a place to practice the skills you learned on snow the season before.  There are many ways to make parks fun.  Tennis courts, basketball hoops, rivers, merry go rounds, slides, sand, and shade trees are all pretty standard.  It’s time to add in a small sledding hill and a snowboard/ski run.

Snowboard Park Runs

Auburn Hills MichiganWhy Not?  Add in a couple park hits, or even a simple sledding hill that the kids could go down.  It would add another element, it would be something new to do, and it would be fun in the sun.

We turned Riverside Park in Auburn Hills Michigan upside down and made it into a mini jam session.  That is what you see in the picture.  We tested it out and with a little work, I am 100% sure you can add fun like this perminatly to a park in a week.  Fun for the public to come out and slide around on.

When I have a park you are all welcome.