Wake Jam 2012

August 1, 2012 By

South East Michigan WakeboardIn the last few years South East Michigan has been in need of a wakeboard competition.  There have been comps on the west side, up north, and all over the USA.  S.E Michigan has been missing out for a long time until the stars aligned and Wake Jam 2012 went down.

Wake Jam

AGANation, Step Up Productions, Cable Bahn, the Wakeboard Clinic and many others came together to put on the best wakeboard event South East Michigan has had in a long time.  They put together one the the most advanced set ups to date and people from around the US came to get their shred on.

The competition went on for two days straight and our friends over at AGANation.com just happened to catch a lot of the activities on film.  Enjoy a slow-mo edit and another edit of the festivities.

Were you at this event?  Did you miss out on something sweet?  I think so.  I can’t wait to see what this event will be in years to come.  It was fresh and new this year and I can only vision something bigger and better next year.  If you live in Michigan, the Midwest, or the world, you should probably be at this event in 2013.  Who knows they might have 70 contestants in the bikini contest.  Be there!

One last note.  A special congrats has to go out to Michigan’s local rider Chris Laske for throwing down and taking home the cash.  You rock kid!


Backyard Boarding in 2010

April 18, 2012 By

Aerosmith wall rideI recently took some time to look back on some of the first YouTube videos I ever posted.  The memories that came back were incredible.  This night of jamming caught my eye and I had to share it again.  We took full advantage of the snow and built two double feature backyard snowboard set ups.

Backyard Boarding

The interview was not so good, the jump was all that we had, and the wall transfer to 15 foot flat was the perfect set up.  Two hits in one run can really make building a backyard snowboard park worth it.  You get more for the bang.

It’s always worth building a park in your backyard.  Think of creative ways to use your whole yard and different ways to build obstacles.  It is always good to have a good rail or two with you also.  Either way you will be amazed what a few hours behind the shovel can do.

What are your favorite backyard set ups?  Have you recently looked back on older footage?


Powderpak and Backyard Snowboard Parks

April 11, 2012 By

Summer is soon to be here, so what are you going to do to snowboard?  Midwesterners have the tendency to hang up their boards and forget about them until winter comes again.  I say forget that.

Summer snowboard parkBackyard Snowboard Parks

Check out this little set up I brought over to a friends house to test out.  He had a drop in already built for riding in the winter, so we threw up some powderpak, dug out a 12 foot piece of PVC and got after it.

Using Powderpak to build ParxIf you think it looks a little sketchy, that is fine because it was.  This was only a test.  I would suggest a wider run in and more of a landing.  I would also suggest using a rail that will not move.

Other than that…, I love how simple it can be.  You can put it up and take it down in minutes, and it allows you to Board the Midwest All Day, Everyday.

I know some of you out there  board the summer too.  Post up some pics of your set up and maybe we can encourage more to build year round parks.  Check out my Facebook Page if you like to board.



The Day it Snowed on Pine Knob

February 22, 2012 By

South East Michigan Snowboard

Pine Knob Ski Resort

Lets start off by telling how my day went.  I woke at 8 am, shot out a couple texts, checked the weather and then made the decision to hit up Pine Knob for their Tuesday $20 dollar day pass.

Due to a visual complication we arrived to the resort an hour before the chairs started turning.  This only meant one thing.  We were getting first chair!  While we waited patiently for the lifts to open a nice little storm moved in and dropped 1.5 inches of the fresh stuff for us.

We had an amazing day cruising un-tracked groomers, and lapping Knob’s terrain park.  Being a Midwest park rider, I only shot pics of their Rail Yard.  This thing was fairly dialed for all of the hot days we have had.

Let me take ya through my favorite hits. 

Rails, snowboard, ski, resort

A flat/down box, a shot gun down rail, and a down/flat/down rail start off the rail yard.  All perfect ways to start.  The down/flat/down is great for perfecting many urban features.

Terrain Park, snowboarding, Skiing After the first set you have your options.  A Flat/down, a 30′ box, or a Rainbow.  Chase the Rainbow!!

We usually used the third set as a fun pump section to drop us into the forth set of rails.Snowboard, Ski, Resort, MichiganSorry for the shoddy pic, but the forth set is basically a set of cool boxes.  There is also a log pole jam on the far left.  Do you see the huge Quarter at the end of the run?Snowboard Ski have fun Sun beat, and worn down.  I sure hope to have the chance to jam this quarter pipe when it is in prime shape.  Hand plants all day!!Pine Knob Ski ResortPine Knob took a good stab at having some natural features which is a great new addition to their park.  This log grind is worth jamming for sure.  Watch out for the others.

The rest of the hill.

Pine Knob had a jump line that looked like it could compete with any other jump line in the state of Michigan.  The rail yard you saw is only one of Pine Knob’s three terrain parks.  They can still improve on grooming and keeping the obstacles safe, but I am not going to mark them off for that this year.  With the heat this winter, we are lucky to have anything to ride.

What resort is your favorite??

We love to snowboard at resorts like Pine Knob and would love to hear where you ride and why.


Snowboard Anywhere Anytime

February 15, 2012 By

snowboard ski bungeeYou can snowboard and ski anywhere at anytime with the Banshee Bungee.  I did this video awhile back, and think it is worth bringing up again.  Everything I said still holds true!  If you have never heard of a Banshee Bungee, now you have.  Enjoy!

the Banshee Bungee

If you hear expensive, that means inexpensive.  Also make sure to subscribe to PARX Reports for the latest updates and videos of us using the Banshee Bungee.


The Slopes are Open

February 10, 2012 By

Alpine Valley Ski ResortPeople in South East Michigan have been lucky.  They have hardly had to shovel their driveway all winter.  We know this because winter has not shown its face.  We also know that a lot of the lucky ones are using the crummy winter as an excuse not to dust off their boards and get to the slopes.

We get confused why people use excuses.  Just tell us you don’t love to snowboard or ski because…

They are Open

If we hear “Yeah, I have not be out boarding because of the weather”  one more time, we might puke on each other.  It’s like bad winter syndrome or something and the excuse doesn’t make sense.  In the Midwest, resorts blow crazy amounts of snow while you are resting your little head at night.  Take a look at what you have missed out on.

Honestly, we can’t even tell you how many slushy, wet, 40 degree weather days we have had and that the excuse makers have missed out on.  It’s unreal.  When the sun is popping and the slush is surfable, you better ride it.  With a park set up like the one at Alpine Valley, you can pretty much learn and dial in any trick you want.

Setting up and Surfing the Slush

Below is an edit of the crew from Alpine and Board Sport Terrain Design designing the park and then slaying it.  Watch this video and get excited.

What is the real reason you have not been to the slopes yet?  It is time to stop making excuses.


Eddie’s Late Night Jam 2 for Paul

February 1, 2012 By

Royal Oak and South East Michigan people get ready.  Eddie B is back in the house and throwing down a special event at Modern Skatepark on February 11th.  Put it on your calendar.  There is already a huge list of riders, shops, and friends who have joined in on the fun to benifit the Whaley Children’s Center.  Take a look at the list.

Eddie B Jams

   Skate Event, snowboard, Parx Skate BoardWe are stoked to be a part of this event.  Eddie found a way to bring together every sport we love and connect them in one day.  If you skate, board, surf, blade, watch TV, Anything, you should come to this event.  It’s Saturday Night.   What else do you have going on anyway?

The Directions and Date (just in case you didn’t see them on the Flyer)

Modern Skatepark

1500N. Stephenson Highway

Royal Oak, MI 48067

February 11th, 2012

Come shredy, bring a can of food, have some fun, and we will see you there.  If you would like more information about the event, make sure to hit us up!!  Contact Us.


AGA Downtown Rail Jam – Rochester, MI

January 25, 2012 By

UPDATE: The Event was Canceled.  Make sure to sign up to our Rochester Hills South East MichiganThe rail jam is part of the Oakland County Fire and Ice Fest, and we are super excited to be a part of the festivities.  The set up will be top notch, cash is on the line, and high level riders from all over the Midwest will be there to test out their skills.  It is time to come out and challenge yourself.

Other Activities

Along with the rail jam, there will be an ice sculpture show, a tubing hill, an ice skating rink, a beer TasteFest, and some fire works to top it off.  This will be a great weekend to be outside and we hope you make the decision to come.

Directions to the Fest

300 Main Street, Rochester, MI 48307 (map)

Contact Us for more information,  otherwise just hit us up to say HI!


Another Way to Snowboard

January 18, 2012 By

Just when you think there is no other way to get yourself out on a snowboard, something new will pop up.  Lets see.  You have rope tows, chair lifts, Banshee Bungees, car tow-ins, drop in ramps, winches, kite boarding, and now there is another way to snowboard.  Check out the KiteWing.

Snowboard with NO hill

Kitewing SnowboardingYup, it is what it looks like.  It’s a wing shaped kite without strings.  This mixture allows you to fly, board on flat ground, or you can take it to the hill.  Let your imagination roll.

I don’t know if it is amazing… or the most dangerous thing I have ever seen.  Either way, I am pretty pumped up, and need to try this out.  The wing is also very versatile.  It allows you to use mountain boards, surfboards, and much more.  Where could you use the kite wing?

Weather you like the idea or not, you have to give it up to the innovators of KiteWingThey push the sports we love, and make our imaginations go crazy.  It is great to see people out there push board sports with out the use of a hill, gas, or electricity.  If you are into the “green” movement, Kitewing should be one of your top sports.  All you need to fly is a wing, some wind, and the right board.


5 Reasons To Snowboard in your Backyard

January 6, 2012 By

Backyard Shredding Snowboard styleIf it ever snows in the Midwest it is a guarantee that you will find us in a backyard building, creating, and snowboarding like crazy.  Some people might think this is crazy, and others may not even understand why a person would do such a thing.  Well, here are five good reasons why we think everyone should snowboard in their backyard.

5 Reasons to Snowboard in your Backyard

1.  It’s Free…  Do I have to say more?  You can literally get hours upon hours of boarding in without paying a dime.

2.  Creativity…  Every person could use their brain a little bit more.  Building your own backyard snowboard park allows you to think and get super creative.

3.  Ride with Friends Anytime…  It’s your backyard.  You can invite your friends over every night, and they will love you for it because they get to ride for free!!

4.  Options are endless…  Really, if you can think it, you can build it.  The only thing holding you back is your creativity and maybe your mom.  I still see the option to build a massive rainbow over the house!

5.  It’s Your Workout…  Who likes going to the gym anyway?  If there is snow on the ground, a shovel, a bungee, or a board should be in your hands instead of some dumbbells.  Working out is super important so why now get in a workout in doing something you love?

There you have it.  Do you build backyard snowboard parks?  If so, why?  We would love to know.