The 6 Foot Drop In

May 17, 2013 By

Man o man, I have been waiting for this for a long time. Waiting and waiting, first for the backyard and then for the time to set up the six foot drop in. It is pretty much time to ride, slide, ski and snowboard anytime we want folks.

Droppin’ In

Snowboard, Ski, Backyard, MidwestPull a few more square feet of the synthetic stuff from the trailer and it will be time to jam. We already know we can mow over the mSnow and the twelve foot rail has been around the block a few times.

It is exciting to think this is just the start. It is hard to think that I will not really be able to ride this thing for another 3-4 months.

At the end of the day, I want people to jam this thing, and I want to fill this backyard. Some of you, get ready for an invite. Everyone else, get ready for the best footage we can bring to you from the backyard.

Let the Fun Begin!


The Start of My Backyard

April 25, 2013 By

The first pieces of synthetic snow are laid out in an experiment in the back lawn, and the time to snowboard and ski will be upon us shortly. It’s no lie. A drop in will be next, which will lead into a rail that leaves you with a smooth buttery landing. For now, all you get to see is the run in patch of mSnow, but Hey, it’s the start.

My Backyard

Snowboard, Backyard, mSnow, Synthetic Snow This is a complete experiment. I laid raw mSnow in the grass, and my hope is that the grass will grow around and through the synthetic snow. My idea is that the grass will hold everything in place. I have wanted to test this theory for awhile now, and now is the time. Here is a short clip of whats going down, and a few more pictures to top it off.

Snowboard, Ski, mSnow, Summer SnowboardmSnow, snowboard, skiSnowboard, Ski, mSnow, backyard park

It does not look like much now, but I can tell you this whole area will not look like this for long. I am excited to build, test, ride, break and go bigger. Keep your eyes pealed for another episode of my backyard park.

What do you think the outcome will be?


The mSnow PARX Connection

February 13, 2013 By

mSnow, Ski, Snowboard This is a guest post from Adam Schrab.  My good friend and one of two owners of mSnow.  I worked with Adam on many occasions now and am excited to share his point of view and upbringings.  I hope you enjoy everything he has to say as much as I have enjoyed working with him.

The Connect

“Those of us who love to board and ski at Michigan and Midwest ski resorts really notice the shorter warmer winters.  This is why companies like Parx and mSnow have sprung up.  Parx can bring the fun right into summer with an awesome 10+ foot ski slope, and mSnow is the surface you can ride on with or without snow.

mSnow, PARX, synthetic snow, snowA little background on mSnow.  My twin brother Luke and I are farm boys who grew up trying to make snow with electric motors on our grandpas farm in Wisconsin.   We made rope tows, drop in towers, blew snow and built jumps.  We were freestyle ski competitors, and training in our own backyard gave us the edge to win national titles and compete in X Games Big Air.  Through these farm-grown antics, word reached Warren Miller, and we found ourselves in a few of his films.  I guess I could say our passion led us there, and now our passion led us to create actual plastic skiing snow, right here in Michigan where we now live.

mSnow was born from the necessity to ski a bit more whenever you do not have access to real snow.  People have started to ride in their own backyards more and more.  With a little mSnow, people can now ride all year.  With, last summer we did an online video contest to win mSnow prizes and it was insane: check it out here.  Keep watch on NewSchoolers, under “mSnow Cult” for details on the upcoming Summer 2013 contest!!!  Here is one of the winning entries.

The Parx portable ski hill is awesome, with the lack of real snow, the drop in now features mSnow.  Check the recent Marhar Snowboards Backyard Rail Jam, we did in downtown Grand Rapids (also pictured above).  Its amazing what this 10′ tall portable slope will kick out for fun!  Perfect for rail grinds and event sledding/tubing hills.

The Parx setup is actually an ongoing project of making the magic happen anywhere.  Jon Tollefson, founder of Parx, has always been shredding his own backyard, and his passion makes you want to do the same!  He offers this slope to rent for celebrations, events, conventions, anything you like.

Together we have built many other slopes and drop ins.  Each time we figure out what works best and we love to develop them from a riders standpoint.  Here is a custom project we collaborated on in Pennsylvania last summer at First Class Gymnastics.

Snowboard, Ski, Drop In,

Together we share an interest of inspiring you to go shred, ski, or sled year round!  Enjoy the fun, the sun, and get out doors as much as possible.  We want you to be ready for when the next lake effect blizzard warning comes.  We want you to be dialed in before you can actually go play at the ski hill!  Whether it is a ski hill, a ski shop, a sledding hill, or your own backyard; Parx and mSnow will help you to create and build your ideas!”


Lets go Sledding

November 20, 2012 By

Most people do not know that you can sled anytime you want, so I thought it would be a good time to tell you a little about it.  Maybe it is at your party, your festival, or maybe you just want to have some sledding fun in the middle of the summer.  Anyway and anywhere you choose to sled, PARX can help you get it done.

Summer Sledding, Sled, Parx

Summer Sledding

I don’t know why, but it is not very often I talk about what we do and how we can help you.  If you have been following along for sometime now, you probably know I talk a lot about boarding in your backyard, about skiing during the summer, and about different ways you can Board the Midwest All Day Everyday.  We have left one thing out for the longest time.

SLEDDING!!!  Yup, why not?  If I had to guess, people were most likely  sledding down a hill way before they skurfed,  skied, or snowboarded down a hill.  It would only make sense we add it in.  Check out a few shots of us sledding when it is 95 degrees out.

I probably should have left out the Chinese background music so you could hear everyone screaming in joy as they dropped 10 feet on synthetic snow.  If there is snow we will use it, if there isn’t, no worries. Parx brings fun no matter what.

If you ever have the urge to sled, ski or snowboard, contact us and we will help you out.  It is all about having a little bit of fun for us, and we love to spread that joy to your party or event.  Sledding is made for every single friend and person in your family.  If you think sledding during the summer is a little crazy, think no more.  I promise it will take you right back to being a little kid again.

What do you think about sledding during the summer?



Can You Edge on mSnow

November 2, 2012 By

It is always a common question with synthetic snows.  Actually it isn’t even a question.  It is an assumption almost everyone has.  You can’t edge on that stuff.  I hear it all of the time.  Before a person even sees someone ride the material, this is what they say “you can’t edge on that.”  It makes me laugh every time I hear it so I had to show what mSnow is all about and that you actually can edge on it.

mSnow – You can Edge on it.

mSnow, Skiing, Edging on Synthetic Snow

I understand why people think they can’t edge on synthetic snows.  For the most part, I don’t think any of them have actually rode on synthetic snow.  It’s just in their head.  That is not real snow so there is no way it can actually ride like real snow.  I get it, but it just isn’t true.  I made a quick video proving that you can actually edge on at least one synthetic snow.  It’s called mSnow.  Watch and learn.

So there you have it.  This stuff is real, it works, and it allows everyone who skis and snowboards to participate in their sport all year long.  What else can you ask for?  It has be proven over and over again and it will continue to prove itself.  I really don’t have to say another word.

What do you think?  Can you edge on mSnow?